Vision, Mission, Beliefs


Collaborative, Enhanced Learning Environment


APPLE recognizes the differences in individual learning style, pace of learning and developmental needs of children and strives to provide a range of opportunities within the curriculum to reflect this diversity. Children will experience a joy of learning in a curriculum enhanced by the personal expertise of parents in collaboration with teachers and administration. This helps to foster a community of lasting relationships and promote critical thinking, skills and knowledge, creativity and personal development.

Our Beliefs:

  • Parental participation and cooperative planning in each class increases opportunities for individual student support and an enhanced classroom environment.
  • Parents, Teachers and Administration collaborate to nurture a sense of community between home and school.
  • A community atmosphere of acceptance and belonging provides students with a sense of security and personal worth as well as teaching them to respect and care for others.
  • Children’s natural curiosity and inclination to learn is supported through an integrated curriculum where children are actively involved in a program that incorporates learning centers, teacher led experiences and individualized support for each child.
  • Child centered learning experiences reflect the strengths, needs and interests of the group and of individual children, and provide each child with a sense of competence and success.
  • Collaborative groupings within and among classes and age groups foster the skills of leadership and shared responsibility, which make for well-rounded students who feel comfortable in the leadership and learning roles of their lives.
  • Group learning experiences promote co-operation and collaboration, encouraging children to assist and support each other in the learning experience.
  • Experiences beyond the classroom are valued as an integral part of a dynamic and diverse curriculum.