Penny Lane Park

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Penny Lane Park Committee:

Penny Lane Park moved to Arthur Ford Public School in 2010 along with the APPLE program. Most of the tress, shrubs and plants were carefully and lovingly transplanted adjacent to the Arthur Ford Nature Park on the west side of the school grounds.

This committee is a group of parents who maintain Penny Lane Park at Arthur Ford School. They are responsible for planting new trees and plants, watering the trees and plants during the summer months, weeding, and fund raising to support these activities.

They developed and outlined curriculum activities in the park for each of the grade levels at Arthur Ford to help the teachers take advantage of the Park for learning opportunities.

The 5/6 class traditionally wakes the park up in the Spring and puts it to bed in the Fall, and parents are welcome to help the class mulch and weed the garden.

The Grade 3/4 class does soil testing in the various gardens in the park and have used this information to help us decide if we need to add any extra manure, or fertilizer to the gardens.

In 2005-2006, the Penny Lane Park Committee applied for and received a grant from Re-Forest London for $1000 to plant 5 trees, and $500 towards the new Butterfly Garden that was planted in May 2006.

In 2006-2007, the Committee applied for and received $2000 from Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds Foundation.

Parent duty hours are obtained by attending our meetings, weeding and gardening in the park, buying plants and planting them in the park, helping with classes when they are doing curriculum-based activities in the park, counting pennies, writing agendas/minutes for the meetings, and writing grant proposals. As well, hours spent watering are doubled and count for September of the next year. You do not have to be an expert gardener to be on the committee as there are many different tasks that need to be done.