Executive & Committees

Executive and Committees :

The APPLE Executive acts as the coordinating body of the Parents’ Association and is responsible for conducting General Meetings and coordinating the efforts of all other committees. They are all volunteer positions and are elected by the parent body. The 2020-2021 Executive consists of:

  • Chair (Interim): Ryan Legros (chair@appleprogram.ca)
  • Co-Chair: Alba Lopez (cochair@appleprogram.ca)
  • Secretary: Jenn Brock (secretary@appleprogram.ca)
  • Program: Deanna Perks (program@appleprogram.ca)
  • Participation: Greg Lawrence (participation@appleprogram.ca)
  • Strategic Planning: Christen Boundikas (webadmin@appleprogram.ca)
  • Registrar: Shannon Haughton (registrar@appleprogram.ca)
  • Co-Registrar: Jennifer Holdermann (contact@appleprogram.ca)
  • Treasurer: Ryan Legros (treasurer@appleprogram.ca)

Exec terms complete at the end of this year

The terms for Treasurer, Secretary, Program and Registrar will be ending at the end of this year. If any of these positions are of interest to you please reach out and we will be happy to answer questions, walk you through the position responsibilities and even help transition the role over for next year. The earlier you express interest, the easier the transition to the role is!



Jessica Smallwood

Fundraising is a fundamental part of the APPLE program. All funds raised this year go to next year’s operating budget. The more money we raise the more experiences and educational materials our children have access to. From mint smoothies to gift cards to silent auctions to [insert YOUR idea here] is how it happens. Reach out, share your fundraising ideas and help bring them to life!

Core Gazette

Tammi Roberston

This year the core gazette will play a major role in communication, sharing of information and keeping everyone connected. The ideas, goals and objectives they have presented are fully aligned with exec and we are excited by their enthusiasm in making them happen (which are already in the works). They welcome extra hands to make it the best possible result with every issue. Reach out if you have any questions, material they could use and/or help with the process.

Penny Lane / Nature Park

Tammi Robertson

The best way to get hours is through the nature park during the summer. Starting July 1 until the first day of school each year, all hours attending meetings, removing weeds from the garden or helping with watering for the nature park count for the upcoming year as double hours! There are a number of families who have already covered off their first 3 months of APPLE hours easily. The nature park will be used by students even more so this year. There are many opportunities for hours here to ensure it is a safe and well kept area for our children to learn. Touch base with Tammi to get setup.


Melissa Tower / Dannon Lee

This team keeps our classrooms filled and our open houses packed (socially distanced now of course). Getting the word out about APPLE is what they do best. If you have expertise or knowledge in this area or are just plain curious how it’s done, reach out and they will guide you.


Emma Leathorn

This team is a key to building the community aspect in APPLE. Yes, things will be a little different this year and that’s ok. Let’s make it fun for us and our children. A great way to stay informed is to join the private facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1429575330651073

Be sure to read the ‘about’ section on the right side of the page for the rules of the group.