Arthur Ford Public School is the home of the APPLE Program.

617 Viscount Road, London, ON  N6J 2Y4         Phone:  519-452-8020

What is the APPLE Program?

If you would like to be involved in your child’s education in a more “hands on” way, then the APPLE Program may be just what you are seeking.

APPLE, an acronym for Alternative Parent Participating Learning Experience, is a program in which teachers, parents and children collaborate together for the sole purpose of enhancing the children’s educational experience.  All references to parents in the APPLE Program documentation refer to parents/guardians.

APPLE students are part of the Thames Valley District School Board family at Arthur Ford Public School and follow the curriculum as mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Education.  The difference is that the families of the students in our program commit to spend a minimum of ten hours a month volunteering in a variety of ways which serve to enhance their children’s education. There is no extra cost and the rewards are great!

Our Mission Statement

APPLE recognizes the differences in individual learning style, pace of learning and developmental needs of children and strives to provide a range of opportunities within the curriculum to reflect this diversity. Children will experience a joy of learning in a curriculum enhanced by the personal expertise of parents in collaboration with teachers and administration. This helps to foster a community of lasting relationships and promote critical thinking skills and knowledge, creativity and personal development.

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