Executive & Committees

Executive and Committees :

APPLE Executive and Committees:

The APPLE Executive acts as the coordinating body of the Parents’ Association and is responsible for conducting General Meetings and coordinating the efforts of all other committees. They are all volunteer positions and are elected by the parent body. The 2019-2020 Executive consists of:

  • Chair: Todd Fahner (chair@appleprogram.ca)
  • Past-Chair: Shannon Simmons (pastchair@appleprogram.ca)
  • Vice-Chairperson of Program: Deanna Perks (program@appleprogram.ca)
  • Vice-Chairperson of Participation: Shawna Bales (participation@appleprogram.ca)
  • Vice-Chairperson of Strategic Planning: Robert Weedmark (webadmin@appleprogram.ca)
  • Registrar: Shannon Haughton (registrar@appleprogram.ca)
  • Co-Registrar: Cheryl Dancey (contact@appleprogram.ca)
  • Treasurer: Ryan Legros (treasurer@appleprogram.ca)
  • Secretary: Jenn Brock (secretary@appleprogram.ca)

Publicity Committee:

The Publicity Committee usually meets every 4-6 weeks and is responsible for:

  • The promotion of the APPLE Program.
  • Keeping media informed of upcoming events.
  • Announcing upcoming Open Houses through media and posting of flyers.
  • Staffing Open Houses with committee members, other APPLE members, and an APPLE teacher.
  • Organizing and setting up displays as appropriate.

The 2019-2020 Chairs of Publicity are Dannon Lee and Melissa Tower.  You can reach the team at publicity@appleprogram.ca

Fundraising Committee:

The Fundraising Committee works according to the policies and procedures of the Thames Valley District School Board and is responsible for:

  • Organizing events to raise money to support the APPLE operating budget.
  • Working collaboratively with the School Council for joint fundraising efforts.

Some of our past Fundraising Events have included:

  • APPLE Silent Auction
  • BBQ at Canadian Tire
  • Rheo Thompson Mint Smoothies
  • 50/50 Nights at local hockey games

The 2019-2020 Chair of Fundraising is Karen Papadopoulos.  You can reach the team at fundraising@appleprogram.ca

Core Gazette Committee:

The Core Gazette Committee is responsible for:

  • Producing a monthly newspaper called the Core Gazette to keep members of the Parent Association informed of program activities and classroom happenings.
  • Gathering information (submitted by parents, teachers, committees, and students).
  • Coordinating, editing, typing, and distributing the Core Gazette.
  • Ensuring that copies of the Core Gazette are delivered via email to all APPLE families, school administration, School Council Chairperson and any other interested person(s), (e.g. Board members, trustees, etc.)

The 2019-2020 Chair of Core Gazette is Rebecca Summerfield.  You can reach the team at coregazette@appleprogram.ca

Social Committee:

The Social Committee arranges family fun events for APPLE families approximately every 4-6 weeks during the school year. The committee meets approximately once a month. The focus is to provide a positive social atmosphere for parents and children. Past events have included:

  • Movie nights
  • BBQs
  • Swimming at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club
  • Our annual Halloween costume party and haunted Hallway

The 2019-2020 Chair of Social is Emma Leathorn.  You can reach the team at social@appleprogram.ca

Penny Lane Park Committee:

Is a group of parents who maintain Penny Lane Park at Arthur Ford Public School. They are responsible for:

  • Planting new trees and plants
  • Watering the trees and plants during the summer months
  • Weeding
  • Fund raising to support these activities

The 2019-2020 Chair of Penny Lane is Tammi Robertson.  You can reach the team at pennylane@appleprogram.ca

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